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Most frequent questions and answers

Farmstall is a multifaceted agricultural technology innovation, whose vision is to create
wealth for all through empowering local farmers and make ‘safe to consume’ organic
farm products available for all both locally and internationally

We empower local farmers through our Farmers Network Programme by providing improved resources (Farm inputs, training on best farming techniques, sales of farm produce for higher value) to boost the quality and quantity of their food production and also provide a healthy profit after harvest for both farmers and sponsor.

Yes, we are actively involved in crop and animal farming

Our team comprises of business professionals and experts in the agricultural sector with wealth of experience in crop production, livestock management, processing and marketing.

No, Return On Investments differs according on the type of farm sponsored.

Yes, all our farms are insured against unforeseen circumstances.


Farmstall has provided insurance cover for all existing farm projects, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, your capital can be refunded. The insurance covers the initial sponsorship capital, it does not cover the ROI.

To sponsor a farm, you have to create an account here on our website. On the homepage, click the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill out all the required information.

  • Go to farmshop and select any farm you want to sponsor. Note that this will only be possible when farms are open for sponso0rship.
  • Add the selected farms to cart.
  • Click the ‘Check out’ button
  • Make payment either using your debit/credit card or Bank transfer to Farmstall’s designated company account.
  • We confirm payment and your farm is live!



No, you cannot. Your sponsorship goes into the complete farm cycle which includes the planting process, to maturity, harvest and sales. As it is virtually impossible to interrupt the growth life cycle of crop or livestock before maturity. Therefore, we will not be able to terminate the contract. However, at the end of farm cycle, sponsor shall receive initial investment and return after harvest, the decision to re-sponsor another farm or otherwise, is entirely sponsor’s decision.

The minimum number of farms you can sponsor is 1 and you can sponsor as many farm as you choose as long as they are available.

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